5 Things You Should Know About Selling Land To a Connecticut Investor

If you’re considering selling your property, you have several options to choose from. You can go the traditional route and hire a real estate agent, attempt to sell it on your own, or explore the possibility of selling it to a real estate investor in [market_state].

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5 Things You Should Know About Selling Land To a Connecticut Investor

Understanding the Buyer

When it comes to selling your land in Connecticut, professional land buyers offer a variety of advantages over traditional buyers. With a faster closing process and the ability to pay in cash, these buyers eliminate the need for bank qualifications, mortgage underwriting time, and property inspections. This means that you can avoid the uncertainty of whether or not you will qualify for a traditional land purchase.

In addition, working with professional land buyers can save you thousands of dollars in commissions. While traditional land sales typically involve paying a 3% commission to both the buyer’s and seller’s agents, professional land buyers do not require any commissions. This means that if you sell your land for $200,000, you would avoid paying a hefty $12,000 in commissions alone.

Furthermore, professional land buyers often do not charge transaction fees or have very low fees compared to the commission or closing costs you would face with traditional buyers. They also offer the convenience of mail-away closings, which is especially beneficial for out-of-state landowners. With all of these advantages, working with professional land buyers can streamline the land selling process and maximize your savings.

No Preparation Necessary

Professional land buyers in Connecticut will usually purchase lands as-is. As a seller, this means you do not have to worry about any upkeep before closing or any other additional expenses you were not planning on. There are some companies that do not require inspections which makes it a truly as-is transaction.

Sell With Confidence

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When you choose to work with a professional land buyer in Connecticut, you can leave behind the stress and uncertainty that often comes with selling your land. Say goodbye to those inconvenient phone calls during dinner, asking if you’re available for a showing. No more wasting time driving out to your property for a showing either.

With a professional land buyer, you won’t have to worry about encountering buyer’s agents or their clients, and you won’t have to navigate through uncomfortable questions that you may not want to answer.


Selling to a professional land buyer is extremely straight forward. They will layout every step of the process and usually have shortened, very clear contracts that are simple as-is purchase agreements. You will also have lessened exposure to legal risks. You won’t have to worry about the buyer finding something you didn’t know you didn’t disclose or something they don’t like about the land or the neighborhood.

Under most traditional real estate contracts, there is a potential for the buyer to sue you if they feel they didn’t get all of the information, or if they feel the facts were misconstrued. Professional land buyers already know the state of the property, and they are willing to take on that risk.

Land is Different

Selling land to a Connecticut investor is a unique process compared to selling other types of properties. Unlike commercial, multi-family, or single-family residential properties, land does not have any buildings on it. This simplicity makes it convenient for Connecticut investors, who often rely on online information without the need to visit the property in person.

In most cases, Connecticut investors prefer no improvements on the land, such as fences or sheds, and may or may not require a survey to verify the property lines. The appeal of land for investors lies in its potential for customization and development according to their plans. When you sell directly to Next Door Properties, you can experience a quick land transaction that can be completed in just a few days.

Call Next Door Properties today at 860-704-9513 or send us a message to discuss selling your land to a [market_state] investor. We can go over your property and let you know its market value and get you on your way to selling your land fast in Connecticut!

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