Understanding Your Holding Costs For Your Connecticut Real Estate

Do you know what owning your home is really costing you? People are often surprised when they add up all their holding costs to see just how much of their income is being spent on an unwanted property. Learn more about some of the holding costs you will potentially face as a homeowner in Connecticut. 

Owning a house in Connecticut can come with substantial holding costs, which can significantly impact your finances, especially if you’re planning to sell. Connecticut is one of the most expensive states to own property in, with the highest holding costs. For investors flipping houses, the key is to sell quickly because prolonged holding periods can erode profits. If you’re a homeowner looking to sell, be aware that the traditional selling process with a real estate agent can be lengthy, often taking months. During this time, you’ll continue to incur various holding costs, which can amount to thousands of dollars.

Understanding the Holding Costs of Owning a House


Even if you’ve moved out, utilities must remain active until the house is sold. This can be costly, particularly for larger homes or in extreme weather conditions. Monthly utility bills can quickly add up, leading to a significant expense over time.

Property Taxes

Your responsibility for property taxes continues until the house is sold. Depending on your home’s size and location, this could mean paying thousands in taxes, a cost that ceases only upon sale.

Routine Maintenance

Regular upkeep, like replacing light bulbs, lawn care, and changing air filters, can accumulate costs faster than you might expect. Frequent trips to home improvement stores and the time spent on maintenance can make waiting for a traditional sale less appealing.

Unexpected Repairs

Surprise repairs, especially those arising during property listings or inspections, can be frustrating and expensive. These unplanned expenses can be a burden, particularly when you’re eager to sell the property.

Homeowners Insurance

The average homeowner’s insurance cost is around $1,800 annually, varying based on location and larger properties like multifamily houses can be up over $3000. This ongoing expense can be significant, especially for a property you’re looking to sell.


For a listed property in Connecticut, maintaining curb appeal is crucial. Whether you handle landscaping yourself or hire professionals, this is an additional cost in both time and money.


Maintaining a pristine interior is essential for showings. This might mean hiring cleaning services or dedicating significant personal time to ensure the house is always presentable.

Additional Holding Costs

HOA Fees

Homes in developments or private communities incur HOA fees, which you must pay until the property is sold.

Property Management

If you own a rental property in Connecticut but live elsewhere, you might be facing property management fees and other landlord-related costs.

Home Watch Services

For absentee homeowners not using a property management company, hiring someone to periodically check on the property is another cost to consider.

The Bottom Line

Your total holding costs can accumulate significantly over time. Once you decide to sell your house in Connecticut, the quicker you can complete the sale, the more money you’ll save. We encourage you to calculate these costs for your property to determine the most financially beneficial selling option for your situation in Connecticut.

The Impact of Holding Costs on Your Sale

Time is Money

The longer your house sits on the market, the more you’ll spend on these holding costs. This is why a quick sale is often more financially prudent than waiting for the highest offer.

Market Fluctuations

The real estate market is unpredictable. Prices can fluctuate, and what seems like a good deal today might not be tomorrow. Holding costs during these fluctuations can diminish your potential profit.

Emotional Toll

Apart from financial aspects, holding onto a property can be emotionally taxing, especially if you’re dealing with personal circumstances like a divorce, relocation, or financial hardship.

Reducing Holding Costs

Energy Efficiency

Improving your home’s energy efficiency can reduce utility bills. Consider energy-efficient appliances, LED lighting, and proper insulation.

Tax Planning

Consult with a tax professional to understand your obligations and potential savings. Sometimes, selling at a different time of the year can impact your tax liabilities.

DIY Maintenance

Handling some maintenance tasks yourself can save money, but balance this with the value of your time and the quality of work required.

Strategic Selling

Consider selling your home during peak market times in Connecticut when demand is high. This can lead to a quicker sale, reducing the duration of holding costs.

Weighing Your Options

Traditional Sale

Selling through a real estate agent is the most common method, but it’s important to factor in the time it will take to sell and the associated holding costs.

Direct Sale

Selling directly to a company like ours can be a quicker, more cost-effective solution. You avoid realtor commissions, closing costs, and most importantly, the holding costs associated with a prolonged sale process.

Renting Out

If selling isn’t immediately viable, renting out the property could offset some of the holding costs. However, this comes with its own set of challenges and responsibilities.

When it comes down to it, your holding costs can add up to a small fortune. Once you have made the decision that you would like to sell your house in Connecticut, the faster you are able to do it, the more money you will be able to put in your pocket. We invite you to run the numbers for your property so you can determine the selling option that will work best for your house in Connecticut!

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