10 Home Improvements To Make Before Selling This Summer of 2023 in Connecticut

Are you thinking about selling your house this summer? If so, make sure you read this blog post all the way through to discover 4 home improvements to make before selling this summer so you can increase the likelihood that you can sell…

When is the best time to sell? Some would argue that the spring is the best time and the summer is a bit more challenging, with families going away on vacation.

But just because the summer isn’t always the best time to sell doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Here are 10 home improvements to make before selling this summer to increase the likelihood that you’ll sell faster and closer to the price you want to sell for.

Home Improvement #1. Curb Appeal

First impressions matter, so focus on improving the exterior of your home. Paint the front door, trim, and shutters, tidy up the landscaping, plant flowers, and ensure the pathway and driveway are in good condition.

You don’t have to be extravagant but put in some time to make your home’s exterior look really good.

Turn the soil in the garden and plant flowers, put mulch around each tree, apply a weed killer and fertilizer to encourage grass growth.

Maybe plant a bush or two. Again, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a big impact.

Home Improvement #2. Repaint

Applying a fresh coat of neutral paint throughout the house can make it look clean, fresh, and more appealing to potential buyers.

If you’ve owned your home for a while, the paint trim on the doors and windows can fade or chip. A new paint job, which can be quickly applied on a weekend, will have a tremendous upgrading effect to encourage buyers to take a second look at your home.

Home Improvement #3. Kitchens

The kitchen is often a focal point for buyers. Consider making updates such as replacing outdated countertops, cabinet hardware, and appliances. If a full renovation isn’t feasible, minor upgrades like painting cabinets or replacing the backsplash can still make a difference.

Home Improvement #4. Bathrooms

Similar to the kitchen, bathrooms can greatly impact buyers’ perceptions. Replace old fixtures, upgrade lighting, and consider recaulking or regrouting tiles to give the bathroom a fresh look.

Upgrade the vanity and countertops to add a touch of luxury, and improve lighting to create a welcoming atmosphere. Upgrading the flooring with water-resistant materials and replacing old showers or bathtubs can further enhance the bathroom’s appeal. These improvements can make a significant difference in attracting potential buyers and increasing the value of your home.

Home Improvement #5. Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient features are increasingly desirable. Consider installing energy-efficient windows, LED lighting, programmable thermostats, or upgrading to more energy-efficient appliances. These improvements can attract buyers looking for long-term savings on utility bills.

Home Improvement #6. Update Flooring

If your carpets are worn or outdated, consider replacing them with hardwood, laminate, or new carpeting. Updated flooring can significantly improve the overall appearance and value of your home.

Home Improvement #7. Enhance Lighting

Good lighting can make a space feel brighter and more inviting. Replace old or dim light fixtures with modern options, add lighting to dark areas, and consider installing energy-efficient LED bulbs throughout the house.

Home Improvement #8. Minor Repairs

Fix any noticeable issues such as leaky faucets, broken tiles, squeaky doors, or cracks in walls. Small repairs can help create a positive impression and prevent potential buyers from being discouraged.

Home Improvement #9. Storage Space

Buyers appreciate ample storage. Increasing storage space in your home can greatly appeal to potential buyers. Maximizing storage areas allows for better organization and can make your home feel more spacious. Consider adding closet organizers to maximize closet space, installing built-in shelving or bookcases to create functional storage areas, or incorporating garage storage systems to optimize space in the garage. These improvements demonstrate the home’s potential for organized living and provide buyers with a practical solution for their storage needs. By showcasing ample storage options, you can enhance the overall appeal and functionality of your home when selling.

Home Improvement #10. Clean and Declutter

Before listing your home, thoroughly clean each room, including windows, carpets, and hard-to-reach areas. Remove personal items and clutter to create a spacious and inviting environment that allows buyers to envision themselves living there.


The summer is a pretty good time to sell a house but you can still help to speed up the process a bit by making these 4 home improvements to make before selling this summer. You’ll be glad you did!

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